Services Offered

Turf Weed Control


We strive for a healthy green turf with as little weeds as organically possible. Our seven-step program treats your lawn with the proper fertilization and pre-emergent weed control at the appropriate time of the year cycle. We are licensed and trained to handle and apply the high-grade chemicals we use. 

Insect & Disease Control

 A visual inspection of your lawn will detect the various insects, diseases, or fungi that could present a problem and a proper pesticide solution can be implemented.  It is important to start with high-quality sod and seed that are disease free. 

Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care program keeps your landscape healthy and beautiful by controlling the activity of insects and diseases throughout the year. This program also includes an injected root zone fertilization for lush foliage and dormant control against insects. 


Natural Rock/Retaining Walls

We specialize in natural rock retaining walls, providing a lifetime of support and unconditional beauty for less than conventional commercial walls. 

Water Gardens & Ponds

 Several pond kits are available in many popular sizes and prices. Packages include water filters, pond liners, water pumps, garden lighting, river stones.

 Landscape Lighting

Your pristine manicured yard should be enjoyed in the evenings as well. 

Paver Stones & Concrete

A stone walkway adds charm and style to any yard décor. It is also a practical way to direct foot traffic from one area to another. 

Landscape Design & Instilation

Homeowners are calling Heart and Soil to turn unused yard space into equity-building outdoor living areas. Whether it’s patios or gardens to entertain family and friends, or landscape and hardscape designs to uplift a facade, landscaping is an effective and cost-efficient way to increase the value of your home and neighborhood. We listen and design landscapes to meet your approval and budget. We take into consideration the overall environment and the type of activities you intend for the yard, including proper access to the area. We also look for amounts of moisture, light, soil type, and topography of the site to provide you with the ideal ecological design. 

Core Aeration & Top Dressing


This process will increase air penetration into the ground by removing plugs of soil. Our rolling coring equipment inserts prongs across the lawn surface pulling out plugs of soil. This practice will also stimulate decomposition of thatch. The proper time for core aeration is when the soil is moist enough to allow deep penetration. Top dressing will reduce soil compaction by the process of dragging, raking or brushing the soil through the turf.

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